Magazine/Catalog Page Gift Bag


With the folded edge of the magazine/catalog page to the left on the scoring tool, score at 1″, 7″ and 8″.  Then rotate the page so the folded edge is towards your tummy and score at 1 1/2″ and 9″.  Bend back and forth all of your score lines.  In order to create your other side seem you will need to create a flap, to do this you need to trim along the far right vertical score line (where you scored for 8″) on the top page only.  Apply glue to the bottom flap that is exposed after trimming off the top and fold that flap onto the bag along the scored line to seal the side.  Push the two side seam folds inwards (opposite direction of the current way it is folded right now) and bring the scored lines on the left and right of the side seams outwards (make a W on each side) to make your bag sides.  Lay bag flat on table, on the bottom edge, you will need to cut  a wedge on each side to create your bottom flaps.  Go about a 1/4″ in from the bottom edge and cut on an angle towards where the first score line meets the side fold, do the same on the other side.   You should have four flaps now for your bottom, fold the side flaps in first, then one of the longer flaps, then apply adhesive to last flap and while holding your bag in it’s correct rectangular shape seal the bottom of your bag.  Place a 2″ x 6″ piece of cardboard in the bottom to support it.  Now gently fold your top edge in towards the inside of the bag to give it a more finished look.  Punch holes along the top edge punching thru both the front and back layers at the same time in a location you would like them and thread ribbon or sweater yarn thru the holes and tie a knot to create handles or thread it thru and tie a pretty bow to close the bag top up.  If you want handles, it requires 10″ for each handle.  Now you know exactly what to do with all those magazines or catalogs that coming during the holiday season and throughout the year.  Just make sure they have a stapled seam instead of a glued seam.  You may have to adjust the scoring lines with varying sizes of magazines.  That is the beauty of this project, you can make a practice one and it only costs you pennies if it doesn’t work out exactly the way you like it.  The heavier the paper the more sturdy it will be.  Enjoy recycling and reusing your magazines and catalogs!   Great for presents, teacher gifts, etc.  Thank you Loretta for the great tutorial at this month’s meeting.


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