SALEABRATION time is here and Stampin’ Up! is running a great sign up special, for only $99 you get to pick out $125 in product along with two additional stamp sets any stamp set, any price. (Excludes bundles and Sale-A-Bration sets.)!  That means you can get up to $226 in product for only $99!  Plus, the kit ships for free!  Why wouldn’t you sign up, it’s just like getting a membership except you get your moneys worth immediately!

There is no commitment, you don’t have to do anything except take advantage of the discount while you have it if you choose to do so.  If you want to remain active, they would like a minimum of $300 in total sales a quarter (that includes what you buy and if anyone buys from you).  Your quarter won’t officially start until March (the first full quarter after signing up), there is no hassle for stopping (a.k.a. going inactive).  If you don’t happen to meet the $300, then you just go inactive, no big deal, no harassment, no penalty, not a single nasty-gram!  They actually bend over backwards to help demonstrators who have difficulty but still want to remain active.  Over 95% of the demonstrators in the company are hobbyists, they sign up just for the discount and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (that is how I started out, it’s like buying a membership).  Stampin’ Up! treats demonstrators wonderfully whether you are a hobbyist or doing it as a business.  So when you join, have your list of $125 worth of product along with the two most expensive stamp sets ready and sign up.  Then if you have more on your wish list you get to enjoy and take advantage of the awesome discount right away!  You will have until June 30, 2018 to take advantage of the discount!  That is a long time to enjoy the 20% discount.  As demonstrators whether you doing it for the discount or running it like a business, we get to order product a month before it becomes available to the public, we have access to samples/videos and a wealth of ideas on the Stampin’ Up! website, a quarterly magazine filled with ideas, you get to come to demonstrator get togethers if you want to which are always fun because we play and share wonderful ideas, optional swaps and most importantly, the friendships you make thru Stampin’ Up! will last a lifetime!  Seriously, Jo (my upline) kept telling me for over 10 years that she didn’t understand why I didn’t sign up to save a ton a money and looking back now I could have saved myself a boatload of money had I listened to her but I had the usual stigma stuck in my head that it is another job and extra work when in fact there are NO strings attached.  Not only will you get up to $226 in product for only $99, you will receive free shipping to boot on your initial order and then after that you get to enjoy the 20% discount on future purchases along with so many other wonderful opportunities and then if you happen to buy or get others to order from you and get a minimum of $300 between now and June 30, 2018, you will remain active for three additional months and you will get to continue to take advantage of the discount along with other free earning opportunities until September 30, 2018 and by that time the holiday catalog will be out and you will be able to purchase items with your 20% discount a month before it is available to the public!  When people order from you, you EARN 20% in commission starting right out of the gate!  Earning money while having fun, not a bad deal!

I signed up strictly for the discount and had no intention of teaching classes until my girlfriend got ALS and I did a fundraiser for her.  After teaching at the fundraiser, I had so much fun that I decided to keep with it and I have never once regretted my decision (keep in mind no teaching is required).  I can do as little or as much as I want with the flexibility that Stampin’ Up! offers, it is totally up to me!  The friendships I have through stamping are such wonderful blessings to me and I treasure each and every one of them!

Have friend(s) that stamp, have them sign up too!  You can enjoy this wonderful opportunity and experience it together!  You can have them sign up under you after you have signed up and you will receive any catalog product valued up to $25 as a reward (Redemption Period: April 10–June 12, 2018).  If you don’t want to do that, you can all sign up under me but why wouldn’t you want the extra reward?

If you have any further questions, please let me know.  Remember the deadline for this deal is March 31, 2018 but why not sign up now because as demonstrators you get to earn rewards for sales and signing up others!

To sign up:

Go to

on the right hand side you will see a tab called Join the Fun, click on that

then go down under that same tab and click on Join the Fun

then click on Join Now

It will take you thru step by step.


SHOP 24/7 AT


About Theresa

As a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, I am one of those rare people who loves what they do and get to share what they love. And I love stamping! It's all about having fun and making great friends! I’m here to be your creative coach, give you fun ideas, share special offers, and, of course, teach you about fantastic stamping products. The content of this blog is my sole responsibility as an independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator and the use of and content of the classes, services, or products offered on my personal blog, are not endorsed by Stampin' Up!
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